Pronunciation: IVREE - Meaning of IVREE: To be HEBREW; To CROSS over

Abram was the first in scripture to be called 'Hebrew'. Why? What does it mean? Is it only referring to the lineage that Abram descended from? Or, is there an understanding of this discriptive term that also applies to us, as Believers In Christ? This writing explores this concept.

Pronunciation: TORAH - Meaning of TORAH: Teachings

The Hope and Purpose of this writing is to communicate to the reader that the Life we have in Christ is a Gift of Spirit, and cannot in any form be acquired, or enhanced, or secured or preserved by any efforts of our carnal thinking. The Spirit of God is the Gift of God.

Pronunciation: BEN ELOHIM - Meaning of BEN ELOHIM: GOD in the form of His Son

A Disciple of Christ. Therein is the description that most every seeker wants to be known as. And yet, after the crucifixion and Resurrection of Yashua (Jesus), God now calls us Son of God. So how do we get from disciple to Son? This writing attempts to explore that journey.

Meaning of DAH VAHR in Hebrew is Word or God's Orderly Arrangement
Pronunciation: DAH VAHR : Meaning of DAH VAHR: Word; God's Orderly Arrangement

Religion tells us GOD gave Moses Ten Commandments. Ten rules to be obeyed or else. The original Hebrew tells us Moses was given DAH VAHR, which means word or orderly arrangement. In this writing we will be exploring the character and nature of the GOD that has established the covenant arrangements with HIM.

Hebrew word HA SHEM means the Name, Nature, or Character of GOD.
Pronunciation: HA SHEM - Meaning of HA SHEM: The Name, Nature, or Character of GOD

YHWH. Jehovah. YHWH Shalom. El Shaddai. YHWH Tzidkenu. Jehovah Nissi. GOD. YHWH Rapha. Wow! So many names. So many titles. What does it all mean? The purpose of this article is to explore the Names, and Nature those names represent, of Our Father, which art in Heaven.

Hebrew word YASHUA means to be made free.
Pronunciation: YASHUA - Meaning of YASHUA: To be made free

The desire of this writing is to show a distinction between a king that rules by his own appetites and wisdom as compared to a King according to God's instruction and direction.

Hebrew word ELOHIM means the plural form for GOD.
Pronunciation: ELOHIM - Meaning of ELOHIM: Plural form for God

Every person born into this dimension knows innately that he or she has the potential to express something much greater, and more valuable, than what they are experiencing. This writing explores the potential that we all have.

Hebrew word BEN DAVEED means David in the form of the Son.
Pronunciation: BEN DAVEED - Meaning of BEN DAVEED: David in the form of the Son

For many centuries, Judaism remembered that YHWH had said to Moses, "I will raise up for them a Prophet like you, from among their brethren,..." After David, King of Israel, the Jews believed the Messiah to be "Son of David". But all of David's sons failed miserably. So, what exactly does "Son of David" mean?

Hebrew word HAYAH means I AM.
Pronunciation: HAYAH - Meaning of HAYAH: I AM

I AM. HAYAH. Moses, as deliverer from bondage, had to discover, and then convey to the Israelites, the Source of his marching orders and instructions. We can now learn that the same I AM, as revealed to Moses, is also the source of our own marching orders and Source of Life.

Hebrew word PAH GAH means intercession; to have impact on the life of another.
Pronunciation: PAH GAH - Meaning of PAH GAH: Intercession; To impact the life of another

Many of us are enlisted, almost daily, to pray for some condition or ill. Pray for this. Pray for that. Pray for me while I'm going through this trial. And we naturally feel the need to respond to the requests. So, why don't we see more positive results? Have we misunderstood the importance of prayer? Does God really need our input?

Hebrew word TAH MEEN means to manifest perfection.
Pronunciation: TAH MEEM - Meaning of TAH MEEM: To manifest Perfection

Are you perfect, yet? Have you achieved all of the myriad of performances that religion has told us we must, to be acceptable to God? Have you done all that is required to make it into Heaven? If not, this article might help. And if you have, this article might help. Perfection may not be what religion has told us.

The Coarse Course of YHWH


The Hebrew letter ‘vav’ is the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. This is incredibly important to grasp. In Genesis chapter one, as we follow the progression of the narrative of orderly creation, ‘adam’, or mankind, is introduced into the creative order in the sixth day; not the first day, nor the third day, nor the seventh day, but in the sixth day. This is no accident or coincidence. The Spiritual significance of this detail cannot be overstated when trying to understand why mankind manifests the cruel and selfish carnality to which we are all too familiar.

The sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, the ‘vav’, is representative of the carnal and soulish mind of ‘adam’, or mankind. And the mind of ‘adam’ is also the nature of ‘adam’. The words ‘carnal’, and ‘soul’ or ‘soulish’, indicate the lower level thinking of mankind when not influenced or inspired by the Higher level of thought from the Spirit of Truth. God is Love, and therefore is the Spirit of Truth. God is Spirit, and God is Love; Unconditional, Undefiled and Undiminished Love. This is the nature and characteristics of the Spirit of Truth, which Yashua referred to as “My Father”.

“For those who are joined to the Spirit of God exist as One Spirit with God”.[1 Cor. 6:17] My paraphrase, but I AM holding on to it. adn

The Spirit of God is often revealed as being manifested in ‘sevens’; the seven Spirits of God. And yet throughout all of scripture, Old and New Testament verses emphasize that God is One. How do we reconcile this seeming dilemma of one god having seven spirits, or seven eyes, or seven angels, or seven lampstands? The seven eyes of God are also called the seven spirits of God, and as such are revealed to be the nature of the Lamb. [Rev. 5:6] And ‘seven’ is not necessarily referring to a quantity, but rather to a revelation of Spiritual Wholeness, or Completeness. ‘One’ is not referring to singularity, but rather to complete and harmonious unity. Only in the Book of Revelation, which is the revelation of Jesus Christ, is it revealed to us the mystery of the ‘seven Spirits of God’. The Spirit of God is a manifestation of the complete understanding of the mystery of ‘seven’. For ‘seven’ is simply the process of adding ‘one’ to ‘six’. ‘Seven’ is the summation of the complete unity of ‘One’ with ‘six’. ‘Seven’ is understood as ‘completeness’, or ‘wholeness’, and as such, is seen as Perfect Rest. This is why the words ‘Seven’, ‘Sabbath’, and ‘Swear’ (as in to swear an oath) all are derived from the same Hebrew root. Yashua declared “My Father (in Heaven) and I are One”.

NKJ John 6:63 "It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.

‘Adam’, as a manifestation of ‘six’, is only a ‘living soul’, and when void of the presence of the indwelling Spirit of God, can only manifest chaos, confusion and destruction. Adam, without the consciousness of the indwelling Spirit of God, is no more than the beasts of the field with a bigger and more capable brain. And as such, he is capable of ultimate destruction and debauchery. Does anybody really question that? This is why the scripture emphasizes that ‘adam’, or mankind, is represented as being ‘made’ in the sixth day. Adam, or mankind, is no more than a carnal beast when not choreographed and orchestrated by the Spirit of Truth. Again, this story is not of man becoming God, but rather God becoming man -ifested as man. And God is the Spirit of Truth, which is Love. So, just who, or what, is this ‘adam’?

KJV Genesis 1:26 And God said “Let us make man in our image…”

At the outset of this investigation we must recognize there is a very real difference between the Hebrew words translated as ‘make’ and the word translated as ‘create’. To ‘create’ is to envision, in mind and heart, a finished and accomplished product. To ‘make’ that envisioned end product is an on-going process of making and growing and adding to and maturing; much like building a ship, or house or any other accomplishment that begins with a created vision, or blueprint. To ‘make’ adam “…imaging us” takes much more input from the Creator than just seeing the end product. And yet we are told that Elohim saw the end from the beginning. Hopefully the next chapter will more fully illuminate this mystery of ‘adam’.


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